Make your home and business run smarter and cleaner

Afriipower’s inverters and battery solution provides clean, renewable energy for businesses and households and presents a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

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Get stable, healthy, and noiseless electricity that meets the energy and comfort needs of your home, compound, or housing estates.

Operational Efficiency

Enhance your business operations with reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable energy solutions from Afriipower Inverters and Batteries.

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Improve comfort and convenience in your homes and recreational centres with constant electricity from Afriipower Energy Solutions.

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Kudos to Team Afriipower for their seamless execution of my order for Afriipower 5kva/48v model inverter through timely delivery, installation supported by knowledgeable technical team. Feeling delighted for using a trouble free inverter solution for past 18 months.
Mrs Tolu
Team Afriipower has always delighted us with their speed of delivery, efficient project execution, high quality products supported by great after sales services to us at Tolaram Group of Companies over the last 5 years [Indomie-Dufil, Multipro, Lucky Fibres, BHN Power, Colgate Tolaram, Ishq Tolaram Foundation]
Facility Management Team
Tolaram Group
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