Afriipower Inverters and tubular Batteries are Nigeria’s Most preferred brand of products in the business of uninterrupted  Power Supply. Our Products have helped Nigerian masses to drastically bring down the usage of Generators and fossil fuels like diesel and Petrol. Thus as an organization we are trying to do our bit to contribute towards a pollution free environment.

We are providing quality products and services with excellent technology to enrich and uplift our customer’s quality of life.

Inspection & Load Estimation

Our team will work with you with advice to determine the type of product you need.

Delivery & Installation

We have fast delivery service with no hassle and our technical team are on stand-by for easy installation.

Service Feedback

We are always available to support and ensure your feedback are collate and worked on.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Kudos to Team Afriipower for their seamless execution of my order for Afriipower 5kva/48v model inverter through timely delivery, installation supported by knowledgeable technical team. Feeling delighted for using a trouble free inverter solution for past 18 months.
Mrs Tolu
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