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Afriipower works with partners across Nigeria and West Africa to spread the message of Green energy through efficient Power Back up Solutions and renewable energy(Solar) Solutions Please consider joining our network, if you would like to participate in the impending green energy revolution in West Africa, as part of a national team of accomplished, passionate, and serious agents of positive change.

Our belief in decentralized systems extends to the way we do business:

We believe that your understanding of your local market, your specific needs and traditions, can help serve the needs of your community, area, and local economy better. We believe in applying global best practices to evolve local solutions that are adapted to specific local conditions – and need your partnership to accomplish the best possible outcome. We believe in learning from and evolving with our customers and partners – we cannot bring about a Green Energy revolution without your help!

Therefore, please reach out if you meet the following preconditions:

  • Are/have already engaged in manufacturing/ marketing/ sales of related products/services that you believe can be utilized in power back up solutions (Inverters, UPS, batteries) or Renewable energy (Solar)solutions.
  • Have working knowledge of your local area’s energy needs, socio-economic realities, and would like to provide real, long-term energy solutions to your friends, family, neighbours.
  • Are interested in joining and abetting the Green Energy revolution across any part of Nigeria

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